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The b&w pick was the original arch from 1930's







Fire place screen






Residential handrail






Another residential rail






Front entry and sidewalk railing






Custom commercial railing to city and local codes ...Their is 4 flooors of this inside and same rail outside on 3 sides of the building all built in place












I brought this existing handrail up to local / county 4 inch code






This railing I built while still in a shop. The pattern changes as you go by. You can see it on the bridge between the 2 pics






Over the past 15 years i have been doing work for the cell phone industry fabricating and installing mounts and installing penatrations for the coax



cat walk




















coax penetrations and dog house cover











antenna mounts









tower modifacations










Another project of mine built while still in a shop. The stairs are access to the party deck through a trap door from inside the bus, the upper part of the stair hand rail is removable and sides fold down

























Custom job trailers







I cut a farm planter boom and put a hinge in so it would fold up







Stainless hydraulic tanks









9 foot concrete form.... 7,8, and 9 foot forms







This is a carbide tooth rock auger, I removed the broken and worn out tooth holders and replaced them. The last 2 pics I installed an "over-bite" so they can add 6-12 inches to the diameter with out changing drills












Barrel type drill, 6 tooth holders replaced and the holders hard faced.






Bucket tooth and cutting edge replacement, I can replace individual shanks without replacing the cutting edge also.








Remove broken bolts, these are extreme but the length of weld is the depth they were broken off at